I first thought of becoming a therapist around age nine. Therapy was just springing up in America in the 1950's and everyone we knew (in California) was taking advantage.  When I graduated from Berkeley with a degree in psychology I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to talk to a therapist in his twenties, so I switched gears and went into education, as a teacher, elementary school principal, and then, headmaster. Twenty years later I pursued a second graduate degree, this time to fulfill the dream of becoming a therapist.  I interned at the V.A. Hospital, and began private practice in 1990. For almost thirty years I've  run men’s groups and worked with individuals, couples and family-owned businesses. Additionally I've run groups and provided supervision for therapists. This career remains my passion to this day. 



After fifteen years of motherhood, I returned to graduate school to study Marriage and Family Therapy,  followed by an extended internship at Baylor College of Medicine in the Family Psychology Department.

In 1998 I was invited to work on the Forgiveness at the End of Life project, an educational intervention for hospice patients to enhance their quality of remaining life. This work marked a turning point for me. I witnessed how stuck we are in our beliefs until faced with a life-threatening illness. Then we are often able to let go of  unhealthy patterns and, ironically, embrace life fully.

My attention turned to a study of personality and the possibility of breaking through these habits of mind a little sooner.  This is therapy at its most fundamental:  developing self-awareness so that you can modify old habits that may not serve well anymore.

I've run bereavement groups for 25 years and have a special interest in serious illness in the family, loss and end-of-life issues.

We have both practiced since the 1990's in the Rice University area of Houston where we maintain a part-time practice. The modalities we use are determined in consultation with each client, and may include insight therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,  family therapy,  self-hypnosis and mindfulness training.  

Certified teachers of the Enneagram in the Narrative tradition, we have held workshops for businesses, boards and individuals interested in understanding one’s own personality more fully and gaining insight into what motivates others. Our training led us to further study in Paris and Prague where we experienced the enneagram as a system that crosses geographic and language barriers. 

Our home in Mueller brings us closer to children and grandchildren, which feels too good for words. What we did not know is how much we would be entranced by Mueller, its landscapes, its purpose, and most of all, its people..