It Takes All Kinds    Type Seven


Some people are easier to appreciate than others, at least at first.


At times we think there is no way to value a certain person’s perspective. But when we get a glimpse into their world view we not only understand but begin to see the internal logic of their point of view. And when we understand our own habitual ways of thinking and feeling, we can see the pathways to healthier interactions.


In this column we are looking at nine archetypal personalities, one each month. Last month we talked about the Loyal Skeptic who values safety and security above all else. This month, as we tour the personality system of the Enneagram, we turn to the Epicure who is optimistic, fun-loving and a visionary.


The first six articles in this series appeared in the most recent issues of Mueller Living. You can find parts 1-6 at



If I identify with the Epicure I’m spontaneous and engaging, upbeat and all-around fun. I create a vast social network and keep in touch with everyone.


My attention goes to everything that is positive and possible in the future. I’m a master at turning lemons into lemonade.


Somewhere deep inside I believe the world is an amazing place and if you stay positive you won’t get stuck in life’s pain.


At home I have great ideas about what we can do. I make great plans and we laugh a lot. I don’t like being around sadness and negative feelings.


At work co-workers hang out in my office. I’m a planner and visionary with a contagious optimism. I interrelate ideas and find connections in all things. However, I don’t like the daily grind of implementing my ideas and plans. Someone else needs to do that.


In the community I love engaging with people and activities that excite me. I am definitely the idea person and see how everything is connected. My positivity is infectious and my committee usually has the most fun.


What pushes my buttons? I cannot stand limits. Repetitive tasks bore me. And I want to leave the room when others get stuck in negativity,.


Something people who love me often say to me: You’re talking too fast, I can’t follow. Please don’t try to cheer me up.


The things I need to be aware of so I can grow.  I need to be more aware of the feelings of those near me. I have to work on cultivating patience and spending more time in the present. A full life includes pain and sorrow.


Don’t confuse me with the type who is upbeat and goal-oriented. We are both optimistic, but I like endless options and ideas.